Let’s have some fun

It’s a fine day at Ektimo…..

The excitement of crush is over and all the wines are well on their way to becoming incredible future releases.  As we launch a brand new blog to share the joys of wine, we hope you will join us on this journey to enlightenment down the path of irreverence to a place of hedonistic indulgence. Wine all too often is over analyzed, over judged and over adulated and in doing so we lose the unadulterated pleasures that wine has to offer.

So……the next time you reach for some wine, ponder first the container.  As you even think about this, no doubt your mind wanders to some gorgeous crystal globe with a stiletto stem that glistens in the sunlight that beckons your like a sultry temptress.  Perfect…..but wait…..does the vessel change the contents?  Well Georg Josef Riedel would have you believe so, but in reality, the container does not have an enormous impact on the FLAVOR of the wine.  The size and shape of the vessel can have an impact on a variety of elements that can affect the wine, but as long as the vessel is inert and clean it will not have a large impact on the FLAVOR of the wine.  Yes, a large globe will allow you to animate the wine by swirling and in doing so begin to aerate the wine and release some of the esters into the semi contained empty space in the glass which will increase the impact of how you might experience the aromatics of the wine.  The aromas do not change in that glass, they simply make your ability to experience them a little easier.  Pour that same wine into a fine porcelain tea cup and get your nose right next to the wine and you will still get to enjoy those same aromatics.  Hold your nose to the neck of the freshly opened bottle and you will also capture the aromas of the wine, it’s just a little harder.

The same holds true for the drinking of the wine.  Sure…..you will hear that the shape of the glass determines the delivery trajectory of the wine to the taste sensors in a selective cascade of perfect sequence to best enjoy a particular wine……really?  When was the last time you tried to consume any product by targeting specific parts of your tongue while relegating others.  The plain and simple truth is that to fully experience all the flavors of the wine, you should try to get that delectable nectar to reach for each and every taste bud you have at your disposal, and then have those taste buds communicate with your brain so that you can deliberately seek out the sensations that are occurring during this wine/taste-bud tango.  As you swallow enjoy the sensation as the wine reaches back into your olfactory passages with its final echo as it teases you with even more nuances before leaving you wanting more.  Then and only then will you enjoy the full impact of what the wine has to offer.

So…..whether you enjoy your wine from a Riedel superleggero or an old fruit jar, a Chihuly goblet or a Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Teacup, enjoy the vessel, but it is merely the delivery system for what you want.

Tip of the day, when wine tasting there is one very important place to start……..do not miss your mouth!  Tastings get messy when they do not go where you want them to go.  Have some fun with your wine, and I will be back with more soon.

Cheers, Julius